Our Australian web site is promoting the benefits and enjoyment of cooking wit wood!  We have the products to promote healthy choices
SmokinLicious® products are formerly forest grown and harvested trees!  This assures no spraying and the heartwood is pure and flavorful! 










                   In this world of choice, many people have adopted the lifestyle of purchasing foods and products that are "all natural" or organic-based. SmokinLicious® adheres to the philosophy of "all natural" by providing culinary quality wood products - cooking woods - that have never been exposed to chemical/pesticide spraying. We only harvest hardwoods from the trees of Western New York and Northern Pennsylvania that are in their natural state - forest woods, left to mature on their own, without exposure to chemical contaminants and/or growth enhancers.


                   Harvested as mature, well-formed trees for full flavour release during cooking. From these trees, we exclusively select the heartwood - "the filet of the tree" - to manufacture our wood-fired cooking woods. And yes, we participate in re-forestation, controlled thinning and Timber Stand Improvement (TSI) to aid in protecting our land and animals from fire risk and polluted atmosphere.


Information you should know when selecting our wood

The map points to Olean New York as the location of our facilities.The surrounding Allegany forests are the source for the 8 species of hardwood
Smokinlicious® only line of business is producing cooking wood products, customers know they receive the highest quality cooking wood products.
All SmokinLicious® cooking and smoking wood products, are produced from select North American hardwoods, grown in New York and Pennslyvania
Our table compares the high production standards of SmokinLicious® to our competitors’ lower standards and less pure wood products!

Superior Product… Superior Outcome!  For all wood-fired techniques including smoking, grilling, coal cooking, ember fired, cold smoking, and stove top smoking.